Home Releases 2022, №3 (43)


Social Philosophy , UDC: 101.1:316 DOI: 10.25688/2078-9238.2022.43.3.2


  • Zhukotskaya Alexandra Vasilievna Doctor of Philosophy, Professor


The article actualizes the problem of ideology and the choice of ideology, for this it is proposed to look at the phenomenon of ideology in the broad and narrow sense of the word. In the broad — as an interpretation of any, not only political ideas — artistic, religious. Philosophical, mythological, and so on. In a narrow sense — we are talking about political ideology. The author reveals the essential features of ideology, showing that society’s need for ideology is objective, that ideology is not only a manipulative mechanism, but also a powerful factor in the activity of people. The author notes that ideology is not only political, but also value-based. In connection with many common ideological phobias, the author draws attention to the common features of ideology and education as factors of socialization. In addition, the article emphasizes that it is the ideology, political ideology, in particular, that largely determines the orientation of the subject and social groups in social space and time, and the adequacy of the reaction of the subject and social group to events and situations is largely determined by the level of critical thinking and common sense. The article also notes that the ethics of responsibility should not be separated from ideology in both a broad and narrow sense.

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Zhukotskaya, A. V. (2022). IDEOLOGY: PHOBIAS AND EXPECTATIONS Bulletin of the Moscow City Pedagogical University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology", 2022, №3 (43), 17. https://doi.org/10.25688/2078-9238.2022.43.3.2
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